Book 2

Mail Order Miriam

A runaway Russian princess, a copper mine owner, and a secret baby that could ruin their chance at a happy marriage.

Miriam Novikoff leads a sheltered life as a princess until her husband is killed and she is blamed for his death. In order to keep from losing her head, she flees to America, with only a handful of jewels to pay her way to freedom. On her trip out West, she realizes she’s pregnant, a complication she never planned on.

Mark Bennett owns half of the largest copper mine in all of Arizona. He enjoys running the family mine and spending time with friends when he isn’t working. However, that isn’t enough for his matching-making aunt, who insists he needs to settle down and find a wife. He doesn’t want any of the women she’s been throwing at him lately, so he decides to take matters into his own hands and places a mail order bride advert.

Can Miriam find a way to trust Mark with her big secret? What will Mark do when he finds out Miriam is pregnant? And what happens when Miriam’s past catches up with her?

*This book was previously published under Jennifer Branson’s pen name, Jenna Brandt.

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What readers say...

Ms. Brandt is a full-blown master of her craft and will be recognized as such by all who read her works. The author keeps you on the edge of your seat with plot twists and turns combined with emotional ups and downs. Prepare yourself for a fantastic reading experience.

B.,D. MANN, Longtime Reader


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